set to en

This page is written in English. And 'lang="en"' in html tag.

Navigation button on top-right "⇧ 前 目 次" may be changed "⇧ 前田 目 次" by Chrome sometime.

'前' is not English word, so it should hold without translation. But it added '田'.

'前' means previous and '次' means next.

'前田' is Japanese family name or name of town, but it dos not make sense here.

Chrome browser on smart-phone try to translate into Japanese from my Japanese pages automatically.

They are written in Japanese and no 'lang' property in html tag, but contains lots of English words in log records. So Chrome thinks they need translate.

To stop translate, add 'lang="ja"' property in html tag.

This paragraph has 'lang="en"' property.

This paragraph has 'lang="ja"' property.